Many people wonder if it is possible to track a mobile phone via the internet. Yes, it is possible to track your phone using the internet. However, this is not the way the websites advertising this service are trying to attract us.

Phone tracking - watch out for scammers

Just by typing phrases such as phone tracking, phone location or how to locate your phone, you will get thousands of links to sites that allow you to perform phone location. Unfortunately 90% of these links are fake sites offering help in exchange for a text message or logging into their system. While the system claims to be able to locate your number, it is actually a clever way to be scammed or send you an expensive text message. Read more at:

Why. Firstly, an MSISDN is a mobile subscriber number that is stored on a SIM card. This card can be transferred to another phone, so it is possible to find it. Second, the phone can be switched off and no locator will work. Third, only carriers can track the phone's location using GPS. This requires the owner to sign a subscription agreement. Tracking a phone number using GPS is possible. However, this usually requires an additional subscription fee.

How can I track my phone number?

Tracking a mobile phone is possible, but you need an application installed on your computer and smartphone. This will make it easier to locate your mobile phone. Please note that the location of the phone will be used, not the number.

Tracking your phone using an app

Prey is a free phone location tool for all major operating systems - Windows OS X, Mac OS X and Android. It can identify a smartphone and is also compatible with tablets and laptops. After installation, you need to register your account on the manufacturer's server and then add your hardware. How to locate a mobile phone over the internet? The app will send a signal over the internet to notify you if your phone is lost or stolen. This will only work if your device is connected to the internet via Wi-fi or cable. Prey allows you to log activity and block Thunderbird and Outlook apps. If your device has a camera, it can also take a picture of the person using it.

Three devices can be used for free phone location. The freeware version comes with 20 monthly reports. The Personal (cost: $5/month) and Home ($15/month) editions allow you to support more reports and devices. You can also remotely delete files from your device.

Another way to track your phone is with Airdroid. Unfortunately, this service is not available for free. The program requires installation. Once you create an account, you can log into the service to manage your mobile devices. You can edit contacts, copy/delete files, and send text messages. The program is free, but the monthly data transfer limit for the free version is 100 MB. The paid version allows you to remotely launch the camera and camera settings, as well as set ringtones and, of most interest to us, the phone's location.

There are many tools available in the Google Play Store for locating your phone. Worth mentioning are Life360, Family Locator and GPS Tracker for Safety. Track it even if it is not turned on or Lockwatch - Catch the thief. Before you decide to install the app, it's worth reading user reviews. Click here to read more: Google dark mode

Parental controls

There are many parental control apps that can help you locate your child's phone. Many of these apps allow you to locate your phone number and notify your child by text when they cross a "safe zone". Geolocation must be enabled on the phone. We wrote about which application of this type is worth installing on your child's smartphone in another article. We encourage you to read that article to see which one is worth your time.

Many security packages for mobile devices include parental controls that allow you to track the location of your smartphone. Such a solution is also included in the Norton Security Premium package. This solution allows you to protect your smartphone and monitor your child's location at the same time. It is also offered by other major security companies such as ESET and Avast.

There is nothing stopping you from installing the Parental Control app on your device. This will make it easier for you to locate your device if you lose it. It can also be installed on an adult's smartphone. The adult must agree to the installation and be familiar with how it works.

Anti-theft module

Almost all major antivirus software manufacturers include an anti-theft module - Anti Theft - in their packages, allowing you to locate a stolen or lost phone. AVG AntiVirus Android has such a module. Anti-Theft works in conjunction with the manufacturer's website. With its help you can track your tablet or phone on Google Maps. Remotely lock your device and set the alarm to full volume. Remotely wipe your mobile device if you think your data has been stolen. Avast, Bitdefender and Kaspersky offer similar solutions. All of them offer remote device locking and remote data erasure. Read more at: